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Gascoyne Water is an Irrigation Water Service Provider located in Carnarvon, Western Australia. The business has been operated by the local growers since it was transferred from Government ownership in 2001.

The ownership of the Distribution Assets was transferred in 2004. Gascoyne Water Co-operative supplies local growers with irrigation water and also distributes stock and garden water to lifestyle blocks in the community.

Water is extracted from borefields upstream (east) of the plantations. Water Corporation runs the borefield on the south of the river, while the co-op runs the one on the north.

Structurally we are made up of two private irrigator cooperatives: one to own and manage the infastructure assets (Gascoyne Water Asset Mutual Co-operative); and one to manage the irrigation business (Gascoyne Water Co-operative).

pipeline layout map

For weather data see Department of Agricultures weather station data for Carnarvon typing in the following url into your web browser: https://www.agric.wa.gov.au/apex/edw/f?p=102:4:6179202686291::NO::P4_STATION_CODE:CA

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